Three Signs You Should Take out a Reverse Mortgage as a Senior

If you are a senior citizen who owns your own home, you might be wondering about whether or not a reverse mortgage might be right for you. You probably know that a lot of seniors take out reverse mortgages in their retirement years, and this could be something that you have been considering yourself. A few signs that a reverse mortgage might be right for you are listed here. 1. You Don't Have Quite Enough Money Set Aside for Retirement

4 Things You Should Know About Bail After Your Arrest

Once you are arrested and booked, you will face a judge for your arraignment in the next 24 to 48 hours. This is the period of time that the district attorney has to file charges against you. If no charges are filed, your attorney can file a writ of habeas corpus and have you released. Chances are, this will not happen. You will appear before a judge, the charges will be read, and assuming you plead not guilty, there will then be the issue of bail.