Thinking Of Adding Payroll Specialist To Your Resume? Study, Practice, And Get Certified Today

If you have been working in an office doing some secretarial work and you think you could make more money if you had the ability to do payroll, it's worth the time to get certified. Becoming a Certified Payroll Professional won't just allow you to update your resume and get more money where you are working, but it could open up other job opportunities with other companies. Here are some things to do quickly so you can get certified.

Find Online Training

There are many online training programs you can pay for that are worth the investment if you want to make extra money and improve your chances of getting a job. You will have to pass the Uniform Certified Payroll Specialist Examination after the training. This is a three-part exam.

There are also some free resources that you can utilize. Go through the training program and complete it thoroughly so you are ready to take the certification quiz.

Take a Practice Quiz

There are practices quiz options that you can take to see if you are prepared. There are some with study books you can buy or practice options you can take online from companies like The Practical CPP Study Guide. If you don't do well on your practice quiz, it may be wise to keep studying and try another practice option. You don't want to waste your time taking the real certification if you aren't ready to take the test.

Take the Exam

Be sure to prepare yourself properly before taking the exam. This means getting a good night of rest before the test, eating a filling meal before you go in, and having a calculator and any other items you may need. You want all the time you've spent studying to pay off, so try to get it right the first time you take it.

The more services you are able to provide when you are an office professional, the more money you can make and the more valuable you are to your employer. If your current office is outsourcing their payroll needs and you think it would be easier if you just did this on your own, make the effort and get the certification. Talk with your boss; they may be willing to offer some type of compensation for getting the program completed and for being able to offer them this service in office. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can update your resume.