Preparing For Natural Emergencies: Tips For Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

You can never predict when the next ice-storm, hurricane, or flood might happen, but when these natural disasters hit, those who have a response plan in place can recover more quickly from the ensuing crisis. If you want to make a preparedness plan for a fire, flood, or similar natural disaster, here are a few things to consider. 1. Have a financial back-up plan. Often, a natural disaster affects an entire community.

Bounty Hunters: What They Really Are And Why They're Associated With Bail Bonds

The term bounty hunter conjures up images of rough, violent people who deal with hardened criminals. This is the picture painted by a great deal of popular media, from old spaghetti westerns to science fiction epics. However, as is the case with most media images, the reality of bounty hunters and their job is much less dramatic than the fantasy. The truth is that bounty hunters perform a necessary, and often dull, job that the court system relies heavily upon to function.

3 Things To Know About Construction Loans

Building a new house can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be stressful when people build their houses themselves. If you know a lot of home construction and want to build your house yourself, you will need to apply for a construction loan. Before you apply for one, there are three things you should know. What A Construction Loan Is A construction loan is a short-term loan used to build a house.

3 Tips For Opening A Checking Account For Your Teen

At some point before they're out of the house, you want your teenager to start learning financial responsibility and handling their own money. The time is coming soon when they'll be on their own with no choice but to be in charge of their own finances, and letting them learn the ropes while they're still under your watchful eye can help prevent financially devastating mistakes later on. You may or may not already have a savings account for your teen, but now is the time to consider helping them set up an account they can access more easily.

Stay Informed Of Possible Changes In Payday Lending Laws

If you sometimes take out a payday loan from an online service or a local lender, you should be aware of proposed legislation from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2015. Currently, payday lenders are regulated by states, but the federal government is concerned about problems that some borrowers have managing these loans. You may not have trouble using payday loans as part of an occasional borrowing strategy, but the government wants to protect people who do.